Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Live it up. Life flies by.

I bleed hot rods. Cut me.

Fat people use more bath soap.

Achieved target weightloss. At McDonalds celebrating.

Writing is my mental gym membership.

It's not about what, but who.

Never underestimate the influence of grandmother.

Not blinking, winking with both eyes.

I could, but sometimes I shouldn't.

Dear Santa, I've been good. Jimmy

Handyman, can you fix broken hearts?

Graduating senior wrote, "I loved collage".

Classified Ad: Good living heart available.

Be a sport. Life is short.

Bakers dozen is making me fat.

Aspartame kills. Research why or die.

I'm happy now. Please discontinue Prozac.

What happens if I'm scared-half-to-death again?

Up for an allnighter? Read TheLoneWriter.


Donut a day, will alter DNA.

"Come. I will give you rest."

Biding my time, until Jesus comes.

Amazon.com. Changing the way America shops.

God mourns even when sparrows fall.

Our lives are short, live smart.

You can't please everybody... "Yes Honey!"

Dying can be harder than living.

Writing poetry. Fitness for the mind.

I never didn't think I wouldn't.

I actually heard someone use this sentence in a conversation. I couldn't resist posting it here as a complete thought. Yes. I live in Tennessee.

It's not always about visable scars.

I said, "I'm wrong". Wife fainted.

Block of wood. Sculpture or kindling?

Getting old. Can't remember the rest.

Flying today. Can't carry. Feel vulnerable.

Turkey translator invented. Thanksgiving canceled permanently.

Thanksgiving dinner. Stuffed myself again. Happy.

Flu mutated this year. Inoculations worthless.

Gold investment. Dollar worth nothing soon.

"This game was won before played."

Life threw curve. Hit home run.

Born a baby. Died a savior.

Mama told me. She was right.

Graduation time. All caps in air.

Pray hard. Work hard. Play hard.

Sometimes when I laugh, I cry.

Halftime. Twenty to seven. Ain't over.

Feeling a little gassy. Walking away.

Injured player on field. OK suddenly.

Storming, but sunny in my heart.

While daydreaming I usually fall asleep.

Flat broke, but rich with faith.

Blind people see more than us.

Watching football. Yes! Yes! Yes! Bummer!

Ninety year old father warn out.

Haven't taken my meds today. Jerk!

"I will come again". Please hurry!

Dyslexic man walks into a bra.

Public Rest Room. Closed For Cleaning.