Saturday, October 3, 2015

Downside of retirement. No days off.

Eat right and exercise. Then die.

"Getting some" at 76 means sleep.

Can't exercise. It spills by whisky.

Dying. The last thing I'll do.

Life is easy. People are hard.

Say goodbye to tension. Hello pension.

I'm retired. Tired yesterday. Tired today.

Don't worry about health. It'll vanish.

Young at heart. Older other places.

I have CRA. Can't Remember Anything.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mistake: Thinking you work for another.

Work well done is fine art.

Wind's a given. Adjust your sails.

Speeches: Be sincere and be seated.

Even an artist can't improve nature.

Noone goes broke by saving money.

Each of us have life choices.

Ignorance: Rejecting something unfamiliar to you.

Make "Quality" be your life's policy.

Diamonds: Coal that performed under pressure.

Laughter is understood by any language.

People with imagination are never alone.

To teach is to learn again.

Everything is a reflection of choices.

Our greatest ability should be dependability.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

My brother has the best brother.

I'm traveled. Most roads weren't paved.

Dedeodorantized: People still didn't like me.

Furniture disease: chest falling into drawers.

Bible reading seniors. Cramming for finals.

Lost something? Just buy a replacement.

The roman number for 40: XL

"The" and "IRS" together spells "Theirs".

Young people lie about their age. Old people brag about their age.

Aging: everything dries up or leaks.

Young is beautiful. Old is comfortable.

Internet down. My family seems nice.

Friends are family we choose ourselves.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The last mortgage's thrill.

Decisions are easy having good values.

Success comes before work alphabetically only.

Behind every successful man...surprised mother-in-law.

Lifes moments: Go and create some.

Be successful by remembering your failures.

Failure is success if we learned.

Every failure is a small success.

Failure: confirmation you should keep trying.

Successful living: Loving and laughing often.

It's not circumstance. It's the individual.

Freedom is independence. Independence is confidence.

In darkness, a flashlight always helps.

Self-reliance: Childs best parental gift.

Missing bullseye isn't the targets fault.

Say "congratulations" and watch them smile.

Everyone's perfect when writing their resume'.

Be a global first classed citizen.

Noone deserves better treatment than you.

Inferiority can't happen without your consent.

Anger can't happen without your consent.

Confidence can afford a modest image.

What's seen, isn't always the reality.

Thought determines our responses to life.

Things aren't always as they seem.

Counted out, but ignore the referee.

Never never never never give up.

Inspired by: Winston Churchill

Persistance: A constant river moves rocks.

Spouse: Likeness makes a big difference.

Persistance should be your winning quality.

Determination: Many educated people can fail.

Can't sit your journey to success.

Game of life: Participate don't spectate.

A father is a natural banker.

Train your children. They won't forget.

Inspired by: Proverbs 22:6

At teenage, my parents were stupid.

Today men lack foundations to father.

Every mothers new child is beautiful.

Row out to meet your ship.

Our future lies in creating jobs.

Difficulty can give birth to opportunity.

Inspired by: Albert Einstein

Problems are opportunities waiting for development.

A talented man creates his opportunities.

Seeking an opportunity? Seekout a problem.

Are you crazy? Become a counselor.

Bored? Try becoming a lousy poet.

Marriage: Add more than you remove.

One person can transform the world.

A single leader can influence multitudes.

Women want firstly, man's last romance.

True happiness: To live with love.

Who, being loved, is really poor?

Inspired by: Oscar Wilde

Treasure love. It can outlive gold.

Inspired by: Og Mandino

Love must be made... like bread.

Inspired by: Ursula K. Le Guin

A manager maintains. A leader develops.

Knowledge: A grain on the beach.

We don't know much about anything.

Inspired by: Thomas Edison

Always complement three people each day.

Generosity: Helping others with no reward.

Inspired by: Frank A. Clark

Smallest kindness better than largest intention.

Respect those who cannot benefit you.

Inspired by: William Lyon Phelps

Reach down and pick someone up.

Inspired by: John Holmer

There are no unimportant menial jobs.

Always offer more kindness than necessary.

Inspired by: James Barrie

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

Don't ask why. Ask why not.

Inspired by: George Shaw

Expanded mind never regains original dimension.

Inspired by: Oliver Holmes

Honesty: First chapter in wisdom's book.

Inspired by: Thomas Jefferson

Poor memory? Then tell the truth.

No legacy as rich as honesty.

Living dishonestly is like a boomerang.

Prefer loss to a dishonest gain.

Drive on parkways. Park on driveways.

Experiencing peace is an inside job.

Thursday, January 22, 2015